5 Color Gradient and Heart Nail Art Tutorial || KELLI MARISSA

Step 1-3:

1: Paint the Base on your Nails.
2: Once the base is completely dry paint your base color on our nails. 
3: Apply the liquid latex on the sides of the nails,

Step 4-6:

4:  Take a regular cosmetic sponch and paint thin lines of your colors on it.
5: When your base color is completely dry Sponch your gradient on your nails.
6: Peel off the liquid latex.

Step 7-9:

7: When the gradient is completely dry apply a protective code over it.
8: Now paste your stencil on the nails
9: And apply black polish over it.

Step 10:

10: finally when the design is completely dry put some glossy top and you are ready to go.

All Step :

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