Colorful Hanging Air Plant Holder DIy

What you'll need

- bell cup
- hammer & nail
- cord
- wooden beads
- acrylic paint

Step 1&2

1-On the bottom on your bell cup, hammer a nail into the center to create a hole. There should already be a divet on the bottom from where the stem was removed, so making the hole will be easy.
2-Paint both the inside and outside of your bell cup and let dry.

Step 3&4

Tie a knot around the end of the air plant and string up. To add another pop of color, add some painted wooden beads before hanging!.

To water, untie and pull air plant out of pod. You wont need to untie the knot, just make sure you pull the plant out enough to water. Avoid getting the pod wet and let plant dry completely before putting back in pod and stringing up.

All Step: 

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