Loose Updo Hair Tutorial

Follow the instructions below to get your Loose Updo Hair style.

Step 1&2

1. Start  by curling all of your hair to add texture.
2. Next, section off the two front parts of your hair. These sections should start behind your ear and go up to your part. Do the same things on both sides.

Step 3&4

3. Then, take the center section and tease it at the root with a teasing comb to add volume to your crown
4. Then take the center section and create a loose bun. Pinning it into place using bobby pins.

Step 5&6

5. Next, take one of the front sections of hair, twist it, then bring it back, creating another bun right next to the center bun, pin it with bobby pins.
6. Repeat on opposite side.

All Steps

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