Basic Mistakes Coloring Hair At Home

Mistake number 1: 

You assume that the color of your hair, as a result of the dyeing, will be identical with the hair of the girl on the package. The result of the dyeing depends on your natural color. Use the table with shades which is usually on the back of the box to see how it will look on hair with your color.

 Mistake number 2: 

The usage of hair color without performing an allergy test. Many of us do not pay attention to the manufacturer’s statements to check the reaction of the dye on a small piece of your skin. The test can be performed on the back of the neck or behind the ear. Allergy to the dye can result in itching, irritation or even loss of hair. The test should be done 1-2 days before the coloring.

Mistake number 3:

Dyeing without preliminary try on a strand of hair. It is a big mistake to color your entire hair right away. It is better to select a small piece of hair on the back of the neck to check the result that will occur after the coloring. This way you will spare yourselves the disappointment.

 Mistake number 4:

 You do not protect your skin and clothes during the coloring. The dye can leave spots on your skin and clothes, so before coloring, cover your shoulders with a towel that you would not feel sorry for if it gets dirty. Do not forget to use gloves which usually go together with the dye in the package. Also you can protect yourselves from skin spots by putting cream on your neck. If some of your skin gets dirty you can wipe it with a cotton tampon soaked in alcohol lotion.

Mistake number 5:

The usage of hair conditioner before hair coloring. Do not use conditioner before coloring your hair – it is enough to wash your hair with shampoo. A day before the coloring you should not wash your hair.

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