Cute Fishtail Braid Tutorial Steps

1: Using a paddle brush smooth hair to one side into a low ponytail. Secure it at the nape of the neck with a clear hair elastic
2: Apply a dab of styling cream to your fingertips for control, then separate a small section of the top of your pony in to two.
3: Take a thin section from underneath each other and cross them over each other without letting go of your original two sections.

4: Pull the four sections togather to make two. Be sure that you hold the strands taut to keep the braid from coming loose.
5: Continue criss crossing sections down your pony. Secure the braid with an elastic one to two inches from your ends
6: Spray your braid with dry shampoo, then use thumbs to gently pull the braid out from the middle to lossen it.

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