Easy Twisty Bun Tutorial

To do this style, you need 2 hair elastics and bobby pins. As usual, I find this works on day or 2 old hair. Freshly washed hair will be too flyaway.

STEP 1-2:

Section your hair in half and tie each section into high pigtails toward the back of your head. Separate a pigtail in two pieces. Twist each piece and then twist the two pieces together. Secure at the end with a bobby bin or elastic while you repeat on the other side.

STEP 3-4:

Shows your two twisted ponytails before you twist them together. Remove your bobby pins or elastic from the end of each pigtail. Then wrap your pigtails together and secure with bobby pins. Once you have your hair pinned securely, use your fingers to slightly loosen the twists for a look that's a little more undone. Spray with hairspray to hold.


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