Casual Top Knot Tutorial

Tools You'll Need

Dry Shampoo, Clear elastic, Three to four bobby pins, Light hold hairspray


1. Use your fingers to part your hair, creating a crescent shape around the temple.
2. Pull all the hair above the temple area upwards and create a ponytail in the crown area.

3. Secure your ponytail with an elastic band like you would a typical half updo.
4. Tease the half updo section to create more volume.

5. Create a bun shape by taking the teased ponytail and wrapping it around the elastic band.
6. Secure bun with bobby pins.

7. To create the tousled texture that sets this look apart, tug on the twisted hair to create a looser looking topknot.
8. Finish this look off with hairspray, and you're all set.

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