Mobile Butterflies Diy

Decide how many butterflies you  want . Once done accounts , butterflies begins to cut cardboard or decorated ( any type of paper used , except very thin as crepe paper or tissue paper ) . Obviously the work will be done faster if you have a paper cutter from those used in scrap booking. But if you do not have one, you should make your mold butterfly and copy on paper  to use and cut one by one with scissors.

 Cut the wires long you want and start hitting each butterfly in using hot glue . Put a line or drops of silicone in the center of each butterfly and paste .

Then tie each thread in the ring , until all that you have chosen .

Finally if you want to give best view of your hoop, you must cut strips or organza fabric all the same length and attach them to the hoop in half and with a simple knot . Another tip , you can also line the hoop with paper or cardboard.

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