3 Step by Step Hairstyles for Long Hair

1:Diy Chic Braided Bun Hair Tutorial: Easy Updos for Long Hair 

This is a sweet and romantic braided bun. Comb all your hair smooth. Style it into a ponytail as high as you like. Fix it with a hair band. Braid the pony and fix the hair ends with another hair band. Twist the braided pony around the first hair band. Fix the hair ends with hair pins.Apply a bit of hairspray to keep it in style longer.

 2:Romantic Hairstyle Ideas and Tutorials: Side Braids

Do you want to create a new and fun hairstyle on on your long hair? You can refer the romantic side braided hairstyle. Begin braiding from the front side. Add locks in with braiding going on. Put the braided hair at one side. Add some hair accessory.

3:Romantic Twist Braid Hair Tutorial

This is a trendy twist braided hairstyle. It looks complex yet is effortless to achieve. Comb your hair smooth. Take a large section of hair from the top and twist it and fix it with a hair pin. Take another section of hair form the left side and twist it. Repeat the same steps on the right side and until you get most of your hair twisted. Add some hair accessory if you like. 

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