Braided Half-Up Step By Step

 All you need are bobbi pins and hairspray and your set to wear this style everyday or pull it out for a special event! We love how this style can work for any type of hair.  Just follow along with these simple steps and see how easy (and cute!) it really is!

Step 1-3.

1:Gather hair around the crown of the head, leaving the sides of your hair from the front of the ear on both sides out. 

2:Secure with an ‘x” at the back of the head. You can backcomb/ tease the underside of the hair to create more volume prior to gathering and pinning.
3: Gather the hair from one of the sides you left out, and braid. 

Step 4-6.

4: You have to option to choose any type of braid you would like, creating a versatile style.

5: Take the braided side and cross the hair across the back of the head, 
6: covering the ‘x’, and secure the hair on the opposite side.

Step 7-9.

Step 7: Take the remaining portion of hair on the other side, braid it and cross it over to the opposite side. 

8: Make sure to have it cover/hide the pinned portion you just secured as you cross it over to the opposite side. Secure the end by tucking it under the opposite side and pin.
Step 9: Spray with a finishing spray.

ALL Step.

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