Gifts Packs with cardboard tubes.

For love and friendship,  we must think about  gifts. It may be for colleagues or friends. These small gifts are ideal for special occasions, or when we have to give to many people but our budget suffer. We must begin by gathering days before the cardboard tubes of toilet paper. Only need that, a stapler, marker or colored and small candies or whatever we want to put inside.

Step 1.

With the help of a marker, chalk or colored decorate cardboard tubes with the design of our preference ...

Step 2.

stapled the bottom of the tube (2 or 3 staples) and filled with candy, coins or what we're going to give away.

Step 3.

We turned the top of the tube opposite to as we rounded the base to form a triangle. Stapled to retain the shape.

Ready to give away !! Really that are super cheap and very easy to make.

ALL Steps.

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